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This is a work in progress, I will add as new issues/questions come up.

- Q: This subdomain and the fact that the https certificate is shared makes the forum more difficult to use. Can't you get a real domain and cert?
A: We will. I have personally vouched to pay for both if we get over 200 members or 2000 posts, whatever happens first. This forum is still in the very early stages and there is no telling if it will ever catch on. I have already spent some cash for the "theme" which is adaptive (meaning it reshapes automatically to a mobile phone or tablet or PC) - so lets see. When the time comes the change to our own domain will also come. It will be nice to have a vote on the domain name then...

- Q: You mention elsewhere that every user MUST write something. Can I just lurk around? Will I be expelled if I never write anything?
A: Yes and Yes. For a while it is OK to just read and get aquainted. But there comes a time when the mods will delete your account if you never contribute. Even if nothing outrageously interesting happens to you, we just would like to know who you are and what bike you have. That much courtesy we expect. That is also one reason why we left facebook with its enormous groups of 40.000 and more members where you ever only find very few people actually writing something. Thats more like a football stadium where 22 people play and 40.000 watch. Ours is more like a community where everyone is actively participating.

- Q: How can I upload videos?
A: You can not. Unlike facebook this forum only allows for upload of pictures (and those only of limited size). If you want to show your own videos which is encouraged and welcome you need to fírst upload them to youtube, then link the youtube video URL here using the "Media Embed" icon, the little computer-sceen-icon you see on the toolbar when editing a message. The video will then be inside the

Code: Select all


Here you can learn in 3 minutes how to create a youtube account:

- Q: How can I add a picture?
A: There are basically 2 ways to add a picture.
Either use the LINK / URL to an already existing picture on the internet, in this case embed it in the IMG tag that is represented by the little mountain icon in the middle of the toolbar.
OR upload your own picture of maximum 200kb size. In that case embed it in the "image" tags repesented by the "IMAGE" icon at the right end of the toolbar.
I use the free tool IRFANVIEW to resize and crop pictures.
You can download it here:
Its very easy to use, a 4 minutes intro you can find here:

- Q: I have uploaded a picture but it does not show, why?
A: This is a timeout problem inherent in the boards software. Nothing can be done about it except getting on a better internet connection.
However, you can upload your picture to picassa or any other picture-platform and then just link it to the forum.

You have another question? Please pm me and I will answer it.

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