News about Forum Functionality - Read BEFORE you use the forum (Read Only)
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Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:31 am

1.) Click on REGISTER in the upper right corner.
2.) if you are not an ENGLISH speaker select your language in the upper right corner, then click on "I agree to these terms" down below:
3.) Fill in the registration form, you may use any screen-name you like OR your real name,
a REAL email address under which you can be reached,
the password has to be 6 characters or longer,
The language and timezone are optional,
and finaly the spam-block test question which you answer with "1234" (without the inverted commata),
now click on SUBMIT.
4.) If you use FIREFOX as browser and you like the browser to remember your login click on SAVE, otherwise on DONT SAVE.
5.) Now you are all set to log in the first time: Click on LOG IN in the upper right corner, then fill in your username and password.
The warning will only appear if you use HTTP, you can just ignore it.
6.) Now you can see all the sections and topics and messages, reply to them or write new topics.
There is also a chat option which allows direct chat in realtime with any member that is currently online:
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