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Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:02 am

Based on my experience in many forums throught the years it became clear that lurkers that only read but never contribute have no place in a community like this. That and a severe lack of real qualification are the weak points of the FACEBOOK groups. A group may have 30.000 members but only maybe 300 of them ever write something and of those contributions 50% are technically false, misplaced or outright spam.

In order to avoid outright lurking this forum is not visible to none-members. Whoever becomes a member is expected to write at least an introductory message about himself, his bike or both. That is the bare minimum, however, lively exchange is appreciated.

Should you have problems with the registration or any other feature or questions regarding the functions of the forum please contact me.
I will strive to help asap in any way possible.

Instructions how to register can be found HERE:


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