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Sat Feb 24, 2018 8:38 am

Some people might wonder: why leave the well known and established facebook social network?

There are numerous reasons, some are more important than others but all contribute to the ultimate decision to leave fb behind:

  • A posting in a fb group rolls down the timeline. There is only ONE timeline, so each post gets invisible pretty soon. Yes, with a lot of time and good bandwidth you can scroll down to a very old post (if you have enough friends, because fb allows only members with friends to see more than a few timeline posts). But that is ardous and time-consuming.
  • Finding a specific post to a specific theme is almost impossible unless it is a very fresh post. To find all posts regardless of age to one specific theme is totally impossible. There is no meaningful search option within a fb group page.
  • People have been known to post irrelevant stuff, spam and simply WRONG information. Moderation or any kind of oversight is none-existant. Unless you call someone names and his ego is hurt so he "reports" you, the mods will never even look at nonsense published in their group, much less moderate it. They mostly are just as clueless as the average members. Their only "specialty" is to have been the founder of that particular group.
  • Facebook is now forced to pay attention to new restrictive "anti-hate-speech" laws, passed in the US and the EU. Because extremely high fines are associated with failing to delete "hatespeech" they rather err on the safe side - which leads to fb members being blocked who uttered a statement not in alignment with their narrow definitions of what is allowed. Of course that is plain censorship but because fb is a private enterprise there is no legal recurse. A fb member is not only a member of a motorcycle group. He or she will also have a social life. Being blockt by facebook should not automatically terminate their membership in the Enfield community.
  • Facebook allows for the upload of video but does not provide the same adjustment to the viewer's quality of internet connection. Consequently people in 3rd world countries often suffer delayed and interrupted video. Youtube is much preferable. Also any video uploaded to fb can not be seen by a none fb member and yes, there are still people out there not hooked on that digital monster.
  • Facebook claims unrestricted user rights to all content you upload there (read their very long and clumsy terms). I do not want to lose my copyright to my pictures and/or videos. Naturally anything published in the forums stays 100% with the author, we claim no rights whatsoever.
  • It is quite clear that anything published on fb goes straight to the NSA. This is not a rumor, the link between Zuckerberg and the US three letter agencies is well established. This may not be relevant to a technical forum but I do not like the idea. Better be without big brother.
  • In a forum based on phpBB the extension to additonal areas of interest is quite easily done. A new subforum is established in minutes and other options are often just an add-on away. This kind of flexibility and extendability is totally missing from a fb group.
  • In the end the only two aspects that are in favor of fb are: you are in it with many others - and you know it. This boils down to lazyness. I for one see the result quite clearly, 99.99% of members never contribute, lots of wasted time wading thru stuff I am not interested in. Thanx but no thanx.
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